Interpreting Seth Godin: Everyone’s an Artist

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An abstract water color painting I made in my art class during my Freshman year.

We are all artists. 

I recently listened to a podcast-conversation with author and entrepreneur Seth Godin (find a link to it here). Godin speaks about some of his greatest lessons he has learned in life. I found his words truly inspirational; it made me want to immediately pick up a pen and write about absolutely anything. It felt like every word that Godin spoke got to me; I wrote down more than thirty different things I found especially great. My favorite point Godin made was that everyone is an artist; we all have the potential to create and make something special.

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How the Community Affects the Individual

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In the novel The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Hester Prynne, a young women who is tried for adultery, is sentenced to wear a red colored letter “A” upon her chest. She lives in a secluded house in the woods away from the rest of the Puritan society with her baby girl. Both Hester and her daughter are looked down upon because they are seen as sinners. I feel like everyone at some point in time has been through the same thing as Hester. We all as individuals have our own quirks and things that make us special, and we just have to learn to embrace them. Hester, regardless of her sins, stays faithful and openly bears the scarlet letter. She doesn’t ever see it as a pain or trouble; she accepts it and moves on with her life, focusing on her child and hobby of sewing.

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Michael: The Second Draft


“K and M in Shadow” Photo by John Borack

It had been a grueling day at school. A difficult test on graphing absolute values, a group project with uncooperative classmates, and finally a tough swim practice of 2,000 yards, half of which were sprints. I thought my day couldn’t get any more challenging. I am both mentally and physically exhausted.

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Michael: The Rough Draft

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Family is everything to me.

I was only about three years old when my Mom was pregnant with my little brother. I wasn’t one of those stereotypical “my-parents-aren’t-going-to-love-me-anymore-because-they’re-having-a-baby” kids. Actually, I was super excited to have a brother. I remember skipping around my preschool telling all my friends and classmates what an awesome sister I was going to be. All my relatives and family friends would tell me that they knew I was going to be a great big sister too. But then something drastic happened.

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Resistance is Futile


Spelled out in large plastic letters on the marquee in front of my brother’s middle school is the phrase Resistance is Futile. Seeing this makes me ponder what the school is trying to say; are they stating to the kids that trying to resist school and learning is pointless? I don’t know for certain. But what I do know is that those words are still there, for all the students to see. I can hear the words Resistance is Futile being repeated in a robotic voice over and over; to me, it sounds overly mechanical.

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