I haven’t posted on this blog in a long time, but I’ve decided to share an essay I wrote a few years ago in honor of what would have been my Grandma Kay’s 90th birthday.

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A Special Community

photo (22)

I have been tutoring special education students at my high school for more than a month, and I can say I have learned a lot since I published my last blog post about my experiences being a peer tutor. I have begun to interact with the students more and more, with my experiences filling my head with new ideas and thoughts.

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Michael: The Second Draft


“K and M in Shadow” Photo by John Borack

It had been a grueling day at school. A difficult test on graphing absolute values, a group project with uncooperative classmates, and finally a tough swim practice of 2,000 yards, half of which were sprints. I thought my day couldn’t get any more challenging. I am both mentally and physically exhausted.

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Michael: The Rough Draft

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Family is everything to me.

I was only about three years old when my Mom was pregnant with my little brother. I wasn’t one of those stereotypical “my-parents-aren’t-going-to-love-me-anymore-because-they’re-having-a-baby” kids. Actually, I was super excited to have a brother. I remember skipping around my preschool telling all my friends and classmates what an awesome sister I was going to be. All my relatives and family friends would tell me that they knew I was going to be a great big sister too. But then something drastic happened.

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The Long And Winding Road.


As I have briefly stated in previous posts,  my English class was assigned an innovation  project, also known as the “Idea Farming Project”. The main purpose of this assignment is to somehow make the world a better place, along with learning from our mistakes throughout the process. There are endless possibilities to what you can focus on: for example, one group in my class is making fun YouTube videos, another is inventing a solar powered cell phone charger, others are making blogs and selling homemade baked goods or stuffed animals with  the proceeds going to a specific charity.

 I chose my project based on the fact that it’s focused on a topic I  sincerely care about: water polo.

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