Everyone is Capable

A few weeks ago, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I came across a video that was featured on the Girl Scouts Facebook page. The video almost brought me to tears; it has such a beautiful message and a story that I find absolutely amazing.

The video spotlights a ten-year-old Girl Scout from Colorado Springs named Tyra who is confined to a wheelchair. Last year, she was the top seller of Girl Scout cookies in her troop, selling over 1500 boxes of cookies. The video interviews Tyra’s mother about how participating in Girl Scouts has helped Tyra; She believes Tyra has become much more social and involved in the community.

I can tell from the video that Girl Scouts has made such a great impact on Tyra’s life. You can clearly see from her great big smile that she truly enjoys participating in scouting. She has made friendships with the other girls in her troop and is learning so many useful skills from selling cookies. I believe we can all learn a lot from Tyra’s story.

Tyra is an inspiration; she takes what life throws at her and doesn’t let anything get in her way. She sets goals when selling cookies and achieves them. Tyra may not be able to communicate to her customers verbally, but she doesn’t let that stop her. She is strong and knows she can do anything if she sets her mind to it.

photo (2)

As I continue to work alongside the special education students at my high school, I observe that like Tyra, these students don’t let anything get in their way from being like their general peers. For instance, we have been practicing and memorizing scenes in the theater class I assist in. After memorizing the scenes for less than a week, I was astonished by the level of confidence and stage presence the special ed. students had. They worked so hard to memorize their lines and act them out just the way they wanted. As they each performed their scene in front of the entire class, I was completely blown away. In my opinion, they took the assignment more seriously and performed with more passion that most of the general ed. students in the class. It made me so happy and proud to see each of them receive a standing ovation for their hard work and perseverance.

I am a firm believer that a person’s handicap shouldn’t stop them from doing what they love or want to do. I also think that every student should be treated with an equal amount of respect and be considered capable until proven otherwise. If Tyra’s mother thought that Tyra wouldn’t have been successful in Girl Scouts, Tyra would have never grown into the confident young lady she is today.

To me, Tyra is an inspiration. She shows me that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. You need to dive into each day with a positive attitude and a confident smile, knowing that everyone is able to do great things. We can’t let minor set backs and our minds hold us back; we must keep persevering. Tyra amazes me, just like my special ed. students do each day I enter the theater classroom. Without them, I wouldn’t be successful.


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