Dreams vs. Reality



I have had a dream of expanding our high school water polo team for as long as I can remember. I think pretty much every one of my fellow teammates has. Until recently, we had not really tried to make this dream of ours reality. But then something truly special happened.

Our English teacher assigned us a project where we are supposed to do something innovative and help the world in some way. After pondering what I wanted to focus my project on for a while, my teacher gave me an idea that seemed almost perfect. It combined the things I loved most: helping others and my team. Working together with two of my fellow teammates who were assigned the same project, we put together an introduction  to water polo clinic for middle school girls. With the help of our other wonderful teammates and coaches, we were able to spread the word.

I would have been happy if we had received only one RSVP, but I was almost shocked that we had more than ten girls contact us and express interest. But what surprised me the most was that on the day of the actual event, even more girls than planned attended. We ended up having more than fifteen participants, whom all seemed to enjoy our camp. Of course, my friends and I were all thrilled that our hard work and dedication had paid off.

We are building the future of our team together, and thus our dream is becoming a reality. Without the help of my teammates, coaches, and so many others, this would not have been possible. Through the process of planning the clinic, we were there to support one another and help each other if we were struggling. I know for a fact that our dream will someday become reality, even if this happens after my time on the high school team. We hope to makes this a tradition each year, and I would definitely love to host it again. We are literally passing on the love for our sport, our team, and the family that we have created between all of us.

I will be posting more about our project soon, along with pictures from the clinic! 🙂



One thought on “Dreams vs. Reality

  1. This is a wonderful pursuit!
    I’m glad to hear that you’ve gotten a good start, and are still making progress. 🙂
    I’m eager to see the outcome of this.
    (Also I really like your blog theme)

    Write and play on, my friend


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