Don’t Be the Bonsai Tree

thumbCAHUXDJRRecently, my English class read a poem about a bonsai tree that meant something more than just a tree.

      It stood for women. In all the poem was how society wants women to be domesticated and weak, to stay in their pots and be pruned by a gardener. The gardener was the society which, cut the bonsai tree to be a certain way, not being able to grow and be themselves. Women in this society are wanted to be made to stay home, always take care of their spouse, look pretty, and take care of the kids.

      I think that it is sad how women have be to be certain way and conform to how society how wants them to be. In the United States many women have become in charge of their households or are the people funding the household. They still have to be certain way, they feel they have to wear makeup anytime they walk out of the house, wear dresses or skirts, and listen to what their husband says.

I think, women should grow out of their pots and become the dominant one in their relationships, try to be themselves and not care about whatever everyone else thinks. One show where I think this “bonsai” image comes to mind is “The Bachelor.” In this show most of the women are looking for the heart of Juan Pablo, they all want a husband that they can abide to. In all the sit downs with all the ladies, Juan asks them how many kids they want. This is something society thinks that women should do, marry and have kids-a very bonsai thing. Anyway, in the show most of the women all wear makeup and are skinny,  and become mortified if Juan sees them without makeup on. Wearing makeup and being skinny is another bonsai thing, something that society thinks women should do.


-Allisia ♥



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