More Mish-Mash.

Like what Allisia had stated in her previous post, our class was assigned to do this activity called “mish-mash.” We were given three options, each with their own distinct way to use our creativity and minds. Therefore, I chose to make a drawing using one object I had in my backpack.

Inspired by the artist Javier Perez, (you can find him on Twitter and Instagram @cintascotch) I used a mustache eraser I had with me to make what I thought looked like a “pioneer man”. His face first appears to be happy, but once the mustache is “shaved off”, he looks more surprised.


And for my second picture, I created a flower using tiny sticky note tabs.


I really enjoyed making these, even though I am not the best artist in the world. I simply love being creative and using my creativity, sharing it with the world.




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