♥ App of the Week: We Heart It ♥

We Heart It, the place where I find the perfect images for my blog and iphone backgrounds.

We Heart It is a site that lets users take photos from the internet and upload them on to their app. Then, other users can “heart” the photo or save it to their gallery on their phone. One of my favorite features on the app is that it allows you to search things that people have tagged in their photos. For example, I search dogs. All the photos with dog tagged with them will show up on my phone.

For my blog I will search in the main topic of my blog post and find the photo that I think represents it best, save it on my phone, e-mail it to myself, save it to my computer, and upload it into my blog post. I love using this app to find trendy IPhone backgrounds. I just type in”iphone background(s)”-adding or subtracting the “s” will give you different results- and find the backgrounds that you like best. I love how “We Heart It” gives you screensavers that fit the whole IPhone screen, the backgrounds that you have to crop and turn out blurry in the end bug me.

“We Heart It” can be used for many other purposes too. Like making a profile and becoming famous or hearting photos to biuld your profile. Do whatever your HEART tells you to do.


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