A Tale Of Two Bands: Beatles vs. Stones

beatles vs. stones

During my English class, we recently had a Twitter discussion pertaining to a novel we read in class, “A Tale Of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens. One of the questions was to relate the anything from the novel to something of pop culture: music, movies, other stories, etc. So I answered with a brief explanation relating the novel to The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones.

Since the 1960s, the two British bands have been compared and contrasted. I have gone to numerous concerts and performances where Beatles tribute bands “battle” Stones tribute bands via music: pop-rock versus hard rock. In the end, there is never a true winner, only in the eyes of the fans.

In retrospect, these bands can be seen as complete opposites. But they both possess qualities that make them unique, each with adoring fans from the ’60s and people who still dearly love them today.

After being given the question, I automatically thought this: the character Charles Darnay can be compared to The Beatles. He can be considered “clean cut,” nice, and sweet, just like The Beatles were known to be. However, Sydney Carton is like The Rolling Stones: dark and mysterious, with a “bad boy” persona. Both groups have their own distinct style and appearance; however, they are similar in that they changed the lives of others and impacted the world.

And so the battle continues. Both groups are still popular and are discussed to this day. But who really wins?  That’s up to you.

But clearly, we can all conclude that if The Beatles are indeed Charles Darnay, then I must be Lucie Manette. 😉



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