Do You Want To Know A Secret?

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“You’ll never know how much I really love you.

You’ll never know how much I really care.”

Everyone has secrets. The amount of secrets one possesses can differ. There are some who are like an open book–there are very few things people don’t know about them. Others, however, are like tiny turtles, hiding in the depth and darkness of a rock-hard shell.

For example, the character Jarvis Lorry from Charles Dickens’ novel A Tale Of Two Cities is seen as a intelligent, serious banker who hides his true personality behind this wall of professionalism.

But we must refrain from doing this; the world deserves to see the true greatness that is being hidden by our shyness. We should strive to create and obtain this great, true persona that we are happy and grateful to call ourselves. Because more than just yourself and your close friends deserve to see the true you that lurks deep inside your soul.

Do you want to know a secret,
Do you promise not to tell?”

We need to not keep ourselves and our secrets locked up, but to happily share our inner beauty that may be hidden from everyone. Those secrets are the kind that can make or break us. How will the rest of the world ever know who we truly are if we aren’t capable of expressing ourselves and sharing what is inside us? We must try our hardest to withhold the least amount of secrets as possible, for they can destroy ones just and actual self.

Let me whisper in your ear,
Say the words you long to hear,
I’m in love with you.”



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