LOVE a powerful thing…♥♥♥

Have you been in love? Did it end up in a realtionship? Was it real love or pretend?

In the “Tale of Two Cities” Sydney Carton is madly in love with Lucie Manette, who is sadly engaged to Charles Darnay. Spoiler Alert!: In book two, Carton comes into Miss Manette’s room depressed, drunk, and lonely. She comforts him and tells him that she cares for him. He tells her that he is glad that she has compassion for him. Compassion means the concern for the suffering or misfortune for another person. He promises that he will do anything for her or anyone dear to her. The love between them is real but sadly, they could never be together. Carton adds that Miss Manette could never be him because he is a drunk and depressed person and she deserves more than him.

There are two types of love: Animals/People loving Animals/People and the love between Animals/ People with Things. As shown in the picture above, people can be in love with things without feelings, such as food, their food, and clothes. Some people are in love with things more than people.

My point is that love is everywhere,even in the hobo in the alley way. When you feel sorry about yourself for not being in love with anything just remember that you are in love…wiht food.



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