Everyone has secrets. How many you can keep can make you valuable.

In the story, The Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. He talks about how the king has secrets, then I thought doesn’t everyone have secrets? When you find out someone’s secrets you look at them at a different way than you ever had. Keeping your secrets can make you in control of what others perceive of you. When your secret gets out you feel vulnerable and  you feel like the real you will shine out. With this you could be the one spreading your own secrets. If you keep them to y0urself no one will ever know about them and they will never ruin your identity.

Ways to Never Let Your Secrets Come Out

1) Never tell anyone your secrets, even the people you trust.

One rule that could save your social life, or your entire life depending how big the secret is. You might be asking why can’t I tell my best friend that I trust with my life?  Here is the answer: People change, they move, they turn on you. When this happens they start to not care about you, with that, they do not care how you feel so the easiest way for them to hurt you is by telling all of your darkest, deepest secrets. So, remember don’t tell ANYONE your secrets because it might come back and bite you in the butt.
Comment down below your deepest secrets.(its a trick don’t do it!)-Allisia ♥


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