Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da.


Today marks the day that the great John Lennon died thirty-three years ago. His death took many by surprise, and the whole world continues to mourn his loss. Many people still remember him and view his work as pure magic. Even as life continues to go on, Lennon and his work will never be forgotten.

 But when I say “life goes on,” I do not mean to say that tragic events should be forgotten or thrown away as if they had never existed; I mean that it’s best not to dwell on  rough patches or hardships in your life. We must face our fears and get over them quickly. No matter how difficult life may seem, just remember that tomorrow is a new day and you should strive to make it better. We can’t let ourselves dwell on the past; we have to learn to keep moving forward, making ourselves known for doing something truly amazing, just like Lennon himself.

In my English class, we have been working on innovation projects, in the hope that we could possibly change the world for the better. We are uniting and joining forces to try to change this world, much like Lennon did with his creativity and music.

And thus as we mourn today on the anniversary of Lennon’s death, we should also remember that tomorrow we will go on with our lives and try our best to do great things as he did. Therefore, Lennon’s spirit  lives on as life goes on.

“Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on brah,

La la how the life goes on.”



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