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ITube. An awesome way to listen to your music. Learn why by clicking below.

Always listen to a song repeatively so that you become tried of it? Did you buy that song for 99 cents? How many days did you listen to it? 1,2,3, or 4 days? Stop buying your songs when you can cache them from YouTube and get them for free. ITube is a way for you to get all the songs you want. How? It uses YouTube as its “ITunes” and “downloads” it to the app. By caching the songs from YouTube it allows you to listen to the songs for free. Do you like singing along with the songs? Cache a lyric video of that song , you can sing along with whatever song, anytime. There is one catch, you need to cache the song when you have internet or else you cannot listen to it when you do not have internet. You can listen to the song if you do not have internet but, you had to cache it when you do. The app does not download the songs directly to your music app but caches it to the app’s player. Another great feature, is that it will play even if you close the app and go to a different app.One reason that I love the app is because it saves me money. I am the person that will listen to a son over and over again until I get tired of it. If I do this and I pay 99 cents for each song I have and get tired of it quickly then I am throwing money out of the window. ITube saves me from that disaster by letting me get all my songs for free. The app costs 99 cents but it is worth it, it is like buying one song but buying millions.

TIP: Looking for a new song o use with ITube look under playlists and find the “Top 100” section. Look through and if you find one that you like add it to your own playlist.

Comment telling me if you downloaded the app and if you like it!


P.S. : Sorry for the lack of these posts. Don’t worry I will do these more. I am thinking of doing more favorite thing posts but monthly, not weekly. The song that is displayed above is by Passenger: Let Her Go, video right below


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