With Mistakes Come Potential Happiness.

flower of life

I think that most people in the world strive to make their lives perfect. But why don’t we as humans ever look at things in the opposite way? Maybe the positives of life are really the negatives, and the negatives are truly the positives…think about it for a second.

Without negative things occurring in our lives, nothing would get done. We learn from our mistakes, a.k.a. the “negatives”, which inspires a better outcome, a.k.a. the “positives.”

For example, Richard Jones created the popular toy “Slinky” while trying to create a meter to monitor power on naval battle ships and realized the spring kept bouncing after it hit the ground. While baking regular chocolate cookies, Ruth Wakefield had run out of baker’s chocolate and substituted broken pieces of sweetened chocolate expecting it to melt, but they kept their original state—and the chocolate chip cookie was born. James Wright was trying to construct a rubber substitute made of silicon; he invented “Silly Putty” after realizing his gooey rubber concoction bounced.

We can only learn from our mistakes, correcting them the next time we get the chance. Everything happens for a reason; your mishap could someday later prove to be a blessing in disguise. 

Every student in our English class has to take part in an innovative project. We have slowly begun the process of creating ideas, thus we took part in an activity known as “Bad Idea Farming”. We were put in groups to try to come up with the craziest, worst ideas we possibly come up with could from things we need in our lives and presented them with our class. (Our group came up with ideas such as a shock-watch, a vacuum ceiling, and candy bars that could give you hope.) This helped us come up with our potential projects and showed us what we really shouldn’t try. 

Thus, the negative things in life can really benefit us all. At first, things may seem horribly wrong, but take a second and think of what can potentially become of the mess. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade–when life gives you negatives, make positives. The negatives test our strength and only prove to make us stronger. 



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