Kayla’s Crafty Creations: How To Fold An Origami Heart!

photo_4 (2)

Show someone you care about them by making one of these sentimental hearts!

I found this idea in a book I was reading and wanted to try it out. These little hearts are great for any occasion and are extremely easy to make. All you need is a dollar bill or a 2 1/2 inch by six inch piece of paper.


photo (2)

Step One: Take your dollar bill and fold it in half length-wise, also known to some as “hot-dog style”, and make a crease. 


Step Two: Unfold and fold the bottom portion to the center fold and make another crease.

photo_2Step Three: Fold in half width-wise, also known as “hamburger style,” make a crease, and open the fold.



Step Four: Fold the bottom of the paper in towards the center crease. Repeat on the other side and turn the whole paper over.

photo_1 (1)

photo_2 (1)

Step Five: Fold the right and left edges to meet the prior fold.

photo_3 (1)

photo_4 (1)Step Six: Fold the top edges down towards the center.

photo_5 (1)

photo_2 (2)

Step Seven: Fold the corners down to make triangles.

photo_3 (2)

Step Eight: Fold the two top points down. Turn the whole paper over and you now have made your very own origami heart!

Feel free to share your creations with us, along with suggestions for future how-to’s.



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