Then We Were New…

paul tea

If you haven’t heard, former Beatle Paul McCartney’s newest album, entitled New, has been officially released as of today.

 And since we are “new” to the blogging world, why not share some random facts to let you to get to know us? 

So here you have it:

Kayla likes dogs.

Kayla loves anything Disney-related.

 Allisia plays soccer.

Kayla is on her school’s Varsity water polo team.

Allisia speaks German.

Kayla’s favorite musicians and bands include Scotty McCreery, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, and, of course, The Beatles.

Allisia loves to interior decorate.

Kayla’s favorite book series is The Hunger Games Trilogy. 

Allisia’s favorite fruit is peaches.

Kayla likes mustaches.

Now that you know a little more about us, maybe you can better relate to our future posts.

Have a great life. 🙂


-Kayla & Allisia


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