Ever wonder what life would be without school?

In some ways it would be enjoyable because of all the free time you would have, there wouldn’t be a lot of stress, and the sleep deprivation would be low. Without school do you think you have the friends you have, the experiences, the knowledge that you have today? School has a great impact on our lifes. Sure it tkaes up most of our time and energy but, it allows you meet new people and experience things you never have. Imagine there was not any school everyone was in their house on their computers browsing the internet, now imagine how boring life would be. All you would experience is the computer crashing or cyber bullying. I will admit I was bored in the summer not being able to see my friends everyday, on the internet all day. Homework is my way to fill my space or my empty time where I have nothing else to do. Without school life would be BORING. Do you think you would have disected a frog at home? read a book that changed your perspective? helped y find it’s x? So before you start complaining about how BAD school is think about how BAD life would be without school.

Hope that changed YOU, ♡Allisia♡




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