Where Did You Go?

cracking eye 2

A Beatles song that I relate to is “I’m Looking Through You,” featured on their 1965 album, Rubber Soul. Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, the song illustrates the difficulties of a relationship and how someone’s feelings can change very quickly. 

While I was reading Oedipus Rex, it reminded me of this song. When the citizens found out the truth about Oedipus’ life wrong-doings, they shunned him.

The lyrics I relate to the most are:

“I’m looking through you, where did you go 
I thought I knew you, what did I know
You don’t look different, but you have changed
I’m looking through you, you’re not the same.”

I had this one great friend whom I had known for many years. We used to be best friends, doing everything together. I always liked the way we could say anything and instantly make each other laugh. But as we both grew up, that friendship changed drastically. 

I think we began to drift apart from each other during seventh grade. We both began to socialize with completely different people. My “friend” began to “mature” differently than me, doing certain things that I thought were wrong and didn’t agree with. They were seen as part of the “popular” group of kids. We made less time for each other, only speaking occasionally on the weekends, never during school. Their attitude towards everything changed; disobeying their parents and frankly, just acting inconsiderate towards adults, my friends, and me.

I realized that this person I once considered one of my greatest friends wasn’t a true friend anymore. They had changed; I couldn’t find the real “them” anymore. But are they the only one to blame for this crumbling friendship? I could have gone after them, going against my morals and good judgement. But why? To retrieve a friend who I could no longer relate to? How could I? They pushed me aside, communicating with me only when they needed something..

Sometimes in life you have to make the decision of running from yourself or finding yourself. I still walk pass this “friend” everyday at school. Seeing how much my “friend” changed makes me angry at how they altered themselves to fit in with the crowd. But I still strongly believe that being yourself is key in any relationship. You can’t lose yourself in the difficulties of life. Be true to yourself and others, and everything will fall into place.



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